Sapphire Braces® are a new high tech crystal-clear adult braces that serve the ultimate cosmetic alternative to unsightly metal braces for correcting misalignment or uneven tooth positioning. This new revolutionary sleek design and high tech sapphire like material makes Sapphire Braces almost invisible, the most comfortable brace to wear and most durable, while achieving fast results in up to six months.  Sapphire Braces are customised by our dentist to maximise the comfort of the patient. Each brace is personally customised by our skilled dentist, meaning the brace is tailor-made for the patients teeth.  Sapphire Braces is the only company offering this bespoke service, unlike our competitors who send the patients impression to a lab to be made in a standard format.

Why choose Sapphire Braces®

A recent survey found that 97% of patients chose Sapphire Braces™ over all other aesthetic braces, such as Clear Braces, Six Month Smiles and others. All surveyed found Sapphire Braces® to be much clearer, more comfortable and far more discreet than any other aesthetic brace.

Improving the smiles of adults with adult “secret braces” is a quite new concept. Dr Swati Maan, who is accomplished in all aspects of cosmetic dentistry, while working with some fantastic products felt that they could be better. Dr Swati decided to take it upon herself to create a superior product without compromising the patients comfort or look.

Sapphire Braces offers you three options chose from, Crystal, Ice and Platinum.

What makes Sapphire Braces superior to other adult cosmetic braces?

These state of the art adult braces are made from a strong high tech sapphire like material, offer maximum comfort and are crystal-clear, so your smile will not be compromised during this treatment. This procedure is fast, easy and affordable.

Sapphire Braces™ are found exclusively at Dental Care London. Dr Swati will see you through the whole process from consultation, to customisation (the patients impressions are taken by Dr Swati who then personally customises each brace by hand, providing a precise and completely tailer-made fit), to fitting and all following consultations during the treatment period.

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