Improving the smiles of adults with adult “secret braces” is a quite new concept. Dr Swati Maan, who is accomplished in all aspects of cosmetic dentistry, while working with some fantastic products felt that they could be better. Dr Swati decided to take it upon herself to create a superior product without compromising the patients comfort or look. Unlike other adult braces Sapphire Braces are customised by the dentist. The patients impressions are taken by Dr Swati who then personally customises each brace by hand, providing a precise and completely tailer-made fit.


Dr Swati has been working exclusively in the private dental sector in London since she graduated. Her specialised clinical interests lie in general and cosmetic dentistry. She has consolidated her experience and expertise into adult orthodontics and is among the very few recognised providers of Six Months Smile adult orthodontic treatment, Inman Aligner and other invisible orthodontic treatments. Dr Swati has completed a one year course in Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry. She is skilled at gently managing the total care of patients, developing individual plans to restore teeth and gums to their best condition.